cafe organism in sydney australia


imageAs per my usual travel habits, between being on the edge of an active volcano, in a helicopter above a vast desert, or staring a Silverback Gorilla in the eye, I’m usually on the hunt for a good cappuccino [morning] and latte [afternoon]. With a considerable cafe culture, Sydney Australia is the perfect place to sample the beans so to speak, and plant myself at a cafe that had all of the elements I prefer in a coffee and in a cafe. Once I happened upon Cafe Organism I knew this was that place.

imageCafe Organism can be found up the stairs in an unassuming building on the junction of Crown and Goulburn streets in the Darlinghurst section of Sydney. As for it’s attractive non-coffee elements, there is free wifi, outdoor seating, a nice selection of music [“Killer Queen” by Queen is now playing], and a stone and natural wood interior that gives the cafe the perfect chill vibe. The food selection ranges from hot soups [i.e. pumpkin porridge – nom!] to omelets to a variety of salads, pastries and scones. They have some interesting desserts, too, including something called a “Coffee Snow-Bowl” – hazelnut espresso, ice cream, brownie, and almond flake on ice-snow flake.

As for the coffee, at the time of my coffee intake they were serving Meru Mt. Kenya single origin, and the baristas were expert at crafting the perfect cappuccino. For some reason every cafe in Sydney puts chocolate on their cappuccinos, so be sure to tell them not to do that when you order. Come on Australia – I want a coffee not a hot chocolate! They also serve something called a “Mojito Coffee” which is hand dripped coffee with lime and mint. I’m not a fan of mint so I’ll leave this drink to the mint aficionados.

imageOne quirky element of this cafe is, funny enough, the toilet. Housed in a building very much like a small old New York City tenement building, the toilet is up a narrow set of wooden stairs and features a full shower – just in case the anticipation of a good coffee makes you sweat so much you now stink, I suppose – or – if you bring a friend and they order a tea in this coffee house, the shower can be used to wash away that considerable sin.

So, mate, if you find yourself down under, put on your best bib and tucker and head to Cafe Organism [don’t forget your grundies]. I can say London to a brick that you will enjoy the coffee here. Bloody oath it is. Why not give it a burl?