the vernadsky antarctic research base [video]


ANT 09During my travels along the Antarctic peninsula, I had the privilege to visit some of the few part-time inhabitants of Antarctica with a stop at the Vernadsky Research Base.

The Vernadsky Research Base is a Ukrainian Antarctic Station at Marina Point on Galindez Island in the Argentine Islands, Antarctica. The station consists of nine buildings standing on rock foundations. A 1961 extension at the east end of the hut provided living quarters for fifteen people. Major alterations in 1980 updated the living and working accommodation. A two-story extension provides sleeping accommodation for twenty-four people, a clothing store, boiler room and reverse osmosis plant on the ground floor.

Upstairs are a lounge, library, dining room, gift store and kitchen. The lounge is considered the southernmost public bar in the world, where visitors can purchase $3 shots of vodka made on the base. The old part of the building is now mostly laboratories and work rooms, together with the surgery and washrooms. The generator shed was erected in 1978-79, with the old one now used as a frozen food store and a carpenter’s workshop.

The station was established by the British Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey as Base F, or “Argentine Islands”, on Winter Island in 1947.  Ukraine took over the operation of the base in February 1996.