happy birthday: flying north turns two


im 2Happy birthday flying north! On January 31, 2011, flying north went live, and since then the blog has been read by tens of thousands of people in 169 countries in every corner of the world.

Now it it’s terrible twos, and after a redesign of the site flying north is ready for year three. It is quite a commitment to blog almost every day, which is my sometimes unfulfilled goal, but I do my best! The addition of guest bloggers has enabled an increased depth of content and differing perspectives, and the addition of more video content has added a third dimension to many posts. In the past year, the important category of “World Cafes” was added – and was something that just happened organically. I realized that everywhere I traveled I inevitably wrote a post about a café, so the addition of the category was a no brainer. It also gives me a concrete excuse to have more lattes.

Below are some updated blog statistics, thanks to Google Analytics:

–  Top ten countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Turkey, India, Belgium, Italy, France and Germany.

–  Top ten cities: New York, London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Istanbul, and Melbourne.

–  Top ten states: New York, California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington and Virginia.

–  Top ten regions: North America, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Western Asia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Australasia, Southern Asia and South America.

I am always amazed to see that I’ve had readers in places such as Iraq, Maritius, Kyrgyzstan, Andorra, Gabon and Greenland.

Thanks to all of my readers worldwide for your support. Here’s to another year!