a vlog from abiverd, turkmenistan


abiverdThe ancient settlement of Abiverd is one of eight historical reserves of Turkmenistan along with Kunya-Urgench, Nissa, Merv, Dakhistan etc. The ruins of Abiverd are located between the country’s capital, Ashgabat, and the town of Mary. Ancient Abiverd [which has also been called different names such as Baverd, Abaverd, Paart, Pavart, and Peshtak] was one of the major centers of Northern Khorasan and a major stop on the Silk Road between Merv and Nissa. It is repeatedly mentioned in written sources as “…a city with fertile lands and rich crops, famous for its magnificent market and mosque.” At that time Abiverd was an impregnable fortress protecting its citizens from the attacks of nomadic tribes. The fortress had the only gate from the southwest.

Abiverd was governed by such notorious dynasties as the Takhirids, Saffarids, and the Samanids. In the 12th century Abiverd surrendered to the Mongols and never regained its former glory. Today Abiverd looks like a relatively small town and only smooth silhouettes of ancient structures remain.