flying north has now reached 35,000 people in 166 countries


It isn’t a Facebook-type revolution, but it is a start. flying north: navigating the twenty-first century world has recently hit a milestone in attracting its 35,000th reader. From a humble beginning as a blog about the nexus of travel and politics, based on reader feedback the blog quickly morphed into a site exclusively about travel and its various components.

As the flying north blogmaster, I have now traveled to almost seventy countries and, as feedback came in from the blogosphere it became increasingly apparent that there were niches of information that travelers were looking for presented in a way that read like a blog, not a newspaper. A blog in which what was important was not filling content for content’s sake, but one that had a little something to say about a particular location or experience.

Through the magic of Google analytics, bloggers are able to see where their readers are, and in the case of flying north they have come from 166 countries. It is quite fascinating. Who are my readers from Iran, the Faroe Islands, Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, the Cook Islands, Belarus or Saudi Arabia? And who is reading it in Chihuahua, Thessaloniki, Islamabad, Skopje, Amman or Cartagena?

Wherever you are, I thank you for your support. Keep on reading!



flying north blogmaster