could he be the most traveled baby in the world?


Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India – all traveled to before the age of one. And Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, Germany, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are soon to come. Could he perhaps be the most traveled baby in the world?

I’m referring to Hayden, the über-cute son of two Australian expat scientists now living in Brussels. While most parents handle their babies like a fragile egg, “protecting” them from threats real and imagined, Hayden is already a man about the world, thanks to the openness and world view of his parents. When I heard that Hayden was about to go to India, I thought… “a baby in India?” to which his father replied [paraphrasing]…there are millions of babies there. And besides, there is baby malarone [for malaria]. As they say on the street: true that.

In our germophobic society, parents’ attempts to shield their children from germs can often be detrimental to them in the long run. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to play on a giant mountain of dirt, creating dirt cities and then destroying them. The psychology of the destruction aspect aside, playing in the dirt didn’t negatively impact my well-being [at least that is what I like to think].

It seems that based on Hayden’s current country-count trajectory he may exceed my country count by the time he is ten, so I had better step it up. Game on Hayden!

When flying north reached out to Hayden for a comment, Hayden typed “Dqmot.” Poignant and well-said.

You can read more about Hayden’s world adventures here.