happy seventh birthday flying north!


I must admit I haven’t been as diligent of late about posting to this blog. However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t been traveling as extensively. Au contraire – things have only been heating up! As of the writing of this blog post I have traveled to all seven continents and as of now one hundred nine countries. Country one hundred ten will be Eritrea, and I will be traveling there in less than two weeks, transiting back through Turkey. Not too long thereafter I will visit Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The prior year found me exploring Palestine, Israel, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, Lebanon and Jordan. As for the rest of this year – that is still a work in progress, but I do hope to cross at least eight new countries off of my “to see” list this year. If I sneak in a small Caribbean Island nation or two, maybe more.

I don’t ascribe to any frequent traveler club rules – my rules are simple. A sovereign nation, part of the United Nations system, will count as a new country. Airport transfers or stays do not count. Alaska does not count separate from the United States just as Wales does not count separate from the United Kingdom.   While I sometimes have spirited conversations with fellow travelers about what constitutes a sovereign nation (i.e. Greenland is part of Denmark but is autonomous) there is usually consensus among thoughtful, avid travelers.







my current travel map (109 countries/7 continents)

Where to next and what about the blog? Well, sometimes life (and other projects!) get in the way of spending time writing away and creating videos to post. Social Media also can take a toll on one’s soul if you don’t give yourself a break from it now and then (so after you read this post and like it please put down your screen and enjoy the moment). Having said that, Flying North is alive and well – perhaps taking a nap for a bit – but alive and well! And – today – celebrates its seventh birthday.

It’s pretty amazing to me that this entire endeavor began in 2011, and since then has led me down creative and technical paths I had not yet explored. Flying North has evolved organically, and will continue to do so. While I am in no rush to fill it with content twice a day, I will begin posting again soon with regular frequency. The backlog of travel tales I have to tell would alone keep me busy for months.

So here I sign off, wishing Flying North a happy seventh birthday, and thanking you all for reading!

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jt is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Italy and has a Masters in International Relations. He has traveled to all seven continents and one hundred nine countries and is quite fond of a good cappuccino.