happy birthday: flying north turns four


Happy Birthday flying north! On 31 January, 2011, flying north went live, and since then the blog has been read by tens of thousands of people in almost two hundred countries in every corner of the world.

Every year I try to enhance the blog, and this year’s addition of more video content was a preview of more to come. Since turning three, flying north was able to report from new and interesting destinations including Iraq, Montenegro, Andorra, Algeria, Hong Kong and Myanmar, and this year that trend will continue. In fact, this year flying north has embarked on the “seven in one” project — reporting from all seven continents in one calendar year.

While flying north has been read all over the world, over the past four years, not surprisingly, the top fifteen countries have been mostly English-speaking, but not exclusively. From Google Analytics, they are [one to fifteen]: The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Turkey, India, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Malta, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines. Having said that, as in past years I am always curious as to who is reading the blog in places such as Cameroon, Moldova, Bangladesh, Tuvalu, Mongolia and Malawi.

I’m also curious as to the time of day [based on EDT] that people are reading the blog. Perhaps the high volume times correspond with both coffee breaks in the U.S. and tea time in the U.K.?

On 31 January, 2011, in flying north’s very first blog post, I wrote, “entering the blogosphere is no small feat. It means that one is responsible for saying something interesting on a regular basis.”. I hope I have, at least most of the time, met that expectation.

As I fittingly write and post this happy birthday post from a plane at 35,000 feet, I thank all of you for reading, and for your support of this endeavor.