the mixing bowl: hong kong’s coffee oasis


Like many places in the world, the dynamic city of Hong Kong is filled with chain coffee – Pacific Coffee, the Coffee Bean, Starbucks, etc. As I detest these chains, I am always on the lookout for the unique local cafes that continue to put the word “culture” in the term “coffee culture.” In Hong Kong, that place is The Mixing Bowl.

Hidden on Shin Hing Street, just below the antiques-laden Hollywood Road, The Mixing Bowl is a relaxing cafe where you can not only get fantastic coffee and food, but the wifi signal is strong too. According to their website, The Mixing Bowl was founded by partners Victor and Kyle. And they not only own the place but they work there too. I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle during my few times at the cafe.

The Mixing Bowl has two floors. On the upper floor they offer classes to teach adults and children how to bake their own bread and cakes using simple ingredients and domestic appliances so that what is learned can be easily replicated at home. The ground floor, where I spent my time, is the cafe itself.

The smoothly crafted coffee using coffee beans from Ceremony Coffee Roasters from Maryland is complemented by a nice food menu of “all day comfort food” including muesli bowls, pancakes, avocado toast, pulled pork sandwiches, posh beans on toast, power porridge and salads. For those ready to commit blasphemy in a coffee shop [!], tea is also served and a small afternoon tea menu is available. Coffees will run you anywhere from HK$26 to HK$42 [at the time of writing $3.35 to $5.42 USD] and food from HK$55 to HK$90 [$7.09 to $11.60 USD].

The city is dynamic, the location peaceful and perfect and the coffee first rate.  So the next time you are wandering around Hong Kong, head to the Mixing Bowl.