the beauty of montenegro’s durmitor national park


The Durmitor region in the northwest of Montenegro was declared a national park in 1952. The park includes the massif of Durmitor and the canyons of Tara, Draga and Sušice which cover an area of 96,000 acres [39,000 ha]. Both the Durmitor National Park and the Tara river are now UNESCO listed and protected.

Highlights of this region include the River Tara which created Tara Canyon, 50 miles [80 km] long and 4265 feet [1,300 meters] deep, the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world next to the Grand Canyon. Spanning it is the famous Tara Bridge, built between 1937 and 1940 in the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Among the park’s the many glacial lakes in the region, the Black Lake [Crno jezero] and Lake Slano [Slano jezero] are stand outs. In fact, Durmitor National Park includes eighteen glacial lakes, scattered over the mountain massif and the Jezerska Površ plateau. Mount Durmitor, the highest mountain in Montenegro, is also found in the park with its highest peak at 8278 feet [2523 meters].

This region is incredibly beautiful so if you travel there your photos will speak for themselves, just as mine do. 🙂