…and the flying north top fifty countries thus far in 2014 are?


top 50 2014 - with editsThrough the magic of Google Analytics, from time to time I like to take a look at the statistics for the blog and see where it is being read.  With thousands of hits since January 1, 2014 the blog has been read in no less than 109 countries.  Interestingly, among them are such unlikely places as Libya, Benin, Afghanistan, Angola and Moldova [all the more reason to visit!].  I am particularly interested in seeing which countries fall in the top fifty, and how these fluctuate based on blog content.

The flying north top fifty countries thus far in 2014 are: the United States, United Kingdom, Iraq, Malta, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, France, India, Germany, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Mexico, Philippines, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, Cyprus, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Columbia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Austria, Iran, Serbia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Croatia, Pakistan, Poland, Chile and Egypt.

Of these top fifty, I have traveled to only thirty-five.  I guess I had better get off this blog and check some flights!