tokyo rail map lite: a must-have guide to the tokyo subway system


To a non-local, the Tokyo subway is probably one of the most complicated and confusing to navigate. Fortunately, help is available right in your pocket in the form of the Tokyo Rail Map Lite. Before my trip to Japan I checked the Apple App store and came across this app. The reviews seemed good, so I downloaded it. It was a good decision.

Created by the folks at Phenomenal Elements, the Tokyo Rail & Subway Map is a clear and concise route map of Central Tokyo that features:

– A beautifully designed comprehensive rail map.

– A station lookup in both English and Japanese so that you can quickly jump to any station.

– A line lookup that shows the order of stations on each line with transit options.

– Day and night maps for easy readability. You can switch between a light and dark version of the map for ease of reading. This can also be done automatically depending on the time of day in Tokyo.

– GPS support to find the station closest to you [this was my favorite feature and I couldnt figure out how, on my iPad mini without data or wifi, this was working!].

– Bilingual capabilities: both English and Japanese maps are available.

– High res graphics so the app looks crisp and clear.

– Offline data so that no internet connection is necessary.

If you are contemplating a visit to Tokyo and have an iPad, iPhone or iTouch this app is a must get.

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