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driver abroadDriving through foreign lands is really the best way to see the countryside while on holiday. If you can get over your fear of driving on the “wrong” side of the road is some cases (that determination is of course relative to your home country), driving will enable you the flexibility to stop anywhere you want whenever you want and access the local culture in ways you would not be able to if you took a bus, train or plane.

A few years back I drove through Iceland, and I must say that the cliché about the journey being as important as the destination certainly applied there. It was so beautiful I wanted to stop every few kilometers and just stare at the beauty of the countryside instead of just staring at my dashing reflection as I usually do.  [!!]  Likewise, even though the distances are huge, driving in the U.S. is the only way to experience the many peculiar aspects of “Americana” that exist along the country’s interstate highways.

For years there was no central resource for facts about international driving – that is until driverabroad.com went live, the “online one-stop-shop providing driving advice for self-drive travelers.” Created by a UK-based independent traveler, it has everything you need to know about driving in “over 200 countries, Islands and self-governing and Crown Colonies.”

If you are inclined to drive on holiday, check out driverabroad.com.