everything in cambodia costs one dollar


While navigating the streets of various Cambodian towns, certain themes develop. One is the ubiquitous question of “would you like Tuk Tuk?” Another involves a certain kind of massage. One overarching theme is that of the cost of things, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that most everything costs one dollar.

A large bottle of water? One dollar. A kg of laundry? One dollar. A short Tuk Tuk ride? One dollar. A souvenir bracelet? One dollar. Cambodia baseball caps? One dollar. Unsolicited travel advice from a local? One dollar. A snack? One dollar.  A can of Angkor beer? One dollar. A one day bike rental with free water and map? One dollar.

The moral of the story?  When you are packing for your Cambodia adventure, make room for a stack of one dollar bills. They will serve you well.

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jt is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Italy and has a Masters in International Relations. He has traveled to all seven continents and one hundred nine countries and is quite fond of a good cappuccino.