singapore is sim city


If you have never ventured to Singapore, I have a good primer for you to do so. Just pick up the latest copy of Sim City from your local gaming store and start building. First create a city surrounded by and containing lots of green space – a living garden. Then add infrastructure sufficient to support many more people than currently live in your city. In other words, build in a potential for population growth.

Add high rises, elevated highways, more trees, parks big and small, some cultural venues, a large Ferris wheel and a bustling port, and you are almost set. A huge efficient airport closes the circle. You may want to avoid the built-in Sim City calamities such as locusts, earthquakes, asteroids, monsters and the like, and concentrate on building more affordable housing, as your city is increasingly pricing the locals out. As mayor of this Sim City, it is your duty to do so.

Now sit back and watch your city grow. Or you could pay the large price tag and take a Singapore air flight from your home city and watch all of the activity from atop the Sands SkyPark or the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

Singapore is Sim City.


  1. I liked Singapore too. A very modern city indeed.

    Last time I played Sim City, there was no option for mixes commercial/residential zoning. I’m glad Singapore doesn’t have that option.