get your belize latte buzz at the island buzz café


Golf carts are the main mode of transportation around San Pedro Island off of the Caribbean coast of Belize. One day as my travel buddy was driving it like a bumper car at an amusement park, we passed by a café and I made a mental note to visit this place before I left the island. As my readers know, I am always in a search for a proper latte.

One free morning after having finished all of my SCUBA requirements in days prior, I decided to grab a bicycle and take a little ride to the café. The many speed bumps notwithstanding, I made it to the Island Buzz Café in one piece. Located on the main road from the airport to south Ambergris Caye [Coconut Drive] , the café shares a small shopping center with a Segway dealer, a property management company, and. “guest supply store” [Fairdale Plaza]. As the last proper latte I had had was at Café Guatemala in Tikal, I was ready. The coffee in Belize thus far had been as weak as my will power to stay away from coffee.

After hitching my bike to a post, I entered the café. I was greeted by Dennis, a twenty- something local, who embodied the warmth of all of locals I had encountered. After his greeting the next most impactful thing I saw was the proper latte-making hardware. I exhaled. The Pavlovian hiss of the milk steamer followed, and my latte was ready.

I took a seat outside, facing the sea which was about 100 meters away, and sat down to enjoy it. At that moment I was sure to be back the next day to secure another proper latte.

As far as I know, this is the only place on San Pedro island to get a proper Belize latte buzz. And it is a good one indeed. Thanks Dennis.