the third generation ipad vs. 117 fahrenheit [47c] moroccan heat


My original objective in buying the third generation iPad was to utilize it as my sole means of communication and blogging while traveling. I was a bit leery about taking such an expensive piece of technology to a North African souk for fear that it would be the target of every would-be thief in the area. However, I quickly realized that the object of buying such a tool was to use it, and so I did. Of course my beard and being ten shades darker than usual due to the sun probably assisted me in avoiding any major catastrophes.

I am happy to report that the iPad performed brilliantly, and it did have quite a challenge in the hades-like temperatures in Marrakech: 117F [47C]. When celsius temperatures begin to look like fahrenheit numbers, you know it’s hot.

I used the iPad for all of my photo-taking, utilizing the native camera and various apps [Instagram, Photoshop, etc.] to enhance the photos in real time, then post them as mobile uploads on social media sites. This was challenging at moments, such as when I was wandering around the ancient medina in Fez, as using the iPad as your camera makes for quite a large camera. However, the results were quite good, and the large HD display allowed me to clearly see the quality of the photos I had just taken.

For blogging, I used a combination of the BlogPress App and my web-based blog login to facilitate new posts. Having already taken photos with the iPad, I had a photo library ready to choose from for my posts. It was seamless.

There was only one moment when the iPad had had enough. On a restaurant balcony not far from the main El Fna Square in Marrakech, as the temperature soared, the iPad looked at me and told me it was too hot. If you have never seen this message, it is a little warning triangle that will tell you that you must cool down the device before using it again. Since the iPad glass was quite hot, I obliged. Quite frankly I think I could have fried an egg on the iPad at that point. Tagine with egg anyone?

To its credit, it only took the iPad a few minutes to cool down enough to use again after I made my way indoors. I did notice one strange glitch though. After the iPad was that hot, the wifi indicator in the upper left hand corner of the screen [next to the word “iPad”] was not present, even when the iPad was connected to wifi. A simple reboot remedied this issue.

In another tale of iPad survival, at my Riad in Marrakech I experienced a few power outages that night which occurred while the iPad was plugged in and charging. As the lights of the Riad flickered on and off, I heard a loud popping sound coming from the direction of the iPad plug. A power surge had fried my sole Apple plug. However, the iPad itself was unaffected. I bought another charging plug for €12. at the Marrakech airport the next day.

All in all, a brilliant performance under the circumstances. The moral of the story? As long as you are comfortable with showing off the iPad in crowded places in unfamiliar territory, I recommend the 3rd generation iPad as a loyal travel companion.