between a café and a café, there is another café


A dear Moroccan friend recently responded to my love of lattes and my Moroccan quest for a café with a common Moroccan expression that suits me perfectly. As the saying goes “between a Café and a Café, there is another Café.” بين قهوة و قهوة قهوة

Well I am happy to report that this is true! Whether in Casablanca, Meknès, Chefchaouen or Fes, there has been café upon café at which I could sit, take in the texture of the town and watch the locals go about their daily routines. Yes, there is still a marked lack of the presence of women, but that is definitely changing.

So whether you fancy a mint tea or a café au lait, you will not be disappointed at the options available to you in Morocco. It’s just one more reason to go.