the promise of nicer workers at u.s. airports?


Apparently, some people think U.S. airport workers are not very nice. Really? I hadn’t noticed!

Well, what is called the Human Resiliency Institute from New York’s Fordham University has a new program that is trying to address this perception, called the N.I.C.E [Neutralize Irritations Customers Experience] program.

Beginning next week, seasoned airport workers who are also U.S military veterans and now for airlines, government agencies and private security companies will receive this training to [hopefully] teach them how to use skills learned in the military to help frustrated passengers at the airport.

Many other airport employees at JFK have already gone through N.I.C.E training, and the program is now utilizing veterans already working at the airport to use their leadership skills to help enhance customer service.

Employees who are witnessed using N.I.C.E. skills will become eligible to win a variety of incentive awards, including gift checks, meals, and hotel stays. Two veterans participating in the JFK N.I.C.E. Corps will win a fishing trip to Alaska.

In addition to JFK, employees at Los Angeles International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport have been trained in the N.I.C.E. program.

So the next time you are treated with a bit of nastiness at an airport in New York, LA, Pittsburgh or Boston, just ask the person why they aren’t being N.I.C.E.r to you. That question may even make the airplanes smile.