reef stash sandals: the answer to a traveler’s beach cash-stashing needs


Savvy travelers are well aware of the pitfalls of walking around an unfamiliar environment with cash or credit cards. Some have fallen victim to the more aggressive or clever pickpockets. Accordingly, most travelers who are in a city or dry land opt for one of the many available money belt options.

While these will in no way get you a feature story on Women’s Wear Daily or GQ, they are indeed functional, and lend the traveler some semblance of peace of mind [I usually opt for the less high-tech version of the money belt: the front jeans pocket].

Thinking about this made me think about another common travel scenario: what happens if you are on the beach, and you don’t want to interrupt the tailored line of your speedo or bikini? One answer can be found in the form of Reef Stash Sandals.

Someone somewhere sometime in the recent past had the brilliant idea of combining a typical beach sandal with a money belt by adding a secret mini-drawer in the sole of the sandal. This drawer slides in and out allowing the wearer to put cash, credit cards or keys in a place no one would dare look [except for those who have read this blog post of course]. For the more adventurous traveler, they can even be used as a discreet condom holder.

There are many outlets and resellers that sell these sandals and a quick Google search will reveal prices in the range of US$30 to US$50. Spending this cash will make you popular with your friends and will ensure that the tailored line of your speedo or bikini remains photo-worthy at all times.