and the award for the fastest travel website on a mobile device goes to…


Among the most frustrating aspects of booking flights, hotels, tours and car rentals is the time it takes to load a booking website from your mobile device. Many travel-related companies tout apps and the ability to book right from a smartphone, but the wait involved may turn some of us off and away from the technology.

Compuware, a website and application performance monitoring company, has recently released a study in which they list the top performers on smartphones. Factors such as response time, availability and consistency were used to score sites. These three factors are mission-critical for travel companies as studies have shown that approximately one half of all customers will not return to a site once they have tried accessing it unsuccessfully. And in attention deficit world of the twenty-first century, “unsuccessfully” can easily mean an unsatisfactory wait time. In other words, back to the days of the World Wide Wait.

Who came out on top? With a response time of 4.237 seconds, JetBlue Airways won the day overall and among airlines. Accordingly, they won Compuware’s “Best of the Web Mobile Leader category” for 2012. Conversely among airlines, United faired quite poorly, with a response time of 18.284 seconds. Among hotels Best Western Hotels bested their rivals with an average response time of 4.954 seconds. The top ten overall are:

1. JetBlue Airways


3. Best Western Hotels

4. Expedia

5. Delta Air Lines

6. Zipcar

7. AirTran Airways

8. American Airlines

9. Harrah’s Entertainment

10. Hilton Hotels

Kudos to JetBlue – may the graphic-heavy mobile sites of their rivals bow their heads in techno-shame.