flyingnorth is relaunched and will focus on travel


I entered the blogosphere determined to find out what it was all about and to see if there was actually an audience for what I had to say about two subjects that are of particular interest to me – travel and politics. This seemed like a natural progression for me, having traveled extensively and having obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations. My idea was to comment on each subject and on the nexus of the two within the context of a discordant world. There indeed is an audience, and the blog has been quite successful.

Having been out there for more than a year now, what I have found is that in fact the two subjects, while not impossible to comment on individually, do not lend themselves as easily to the focused web presence I had originally envisioned. Readers who are interested in travel videos, travel stories and airport adventures are not particularly interested in the Michigan Republican presidential primary.

Being someone who likes to stay focused and who imagines the blog as if it were a piece of furniture of Scandinavian design, it was clear that I needed to take action and sharpen the focus while in no way lessening the content choices. While the Republican presidential primary is still in mid-stream, and the general election is still months away, my commentary on those issues, while pertinent, will moving forward be relegated to the coffee shops and wine bars of Greenwich Village.

At the end of the thirteenth century, one of my favorite books, The Travels of Marco Polo, was published. In the prologue, it was then described as a “description of the world” with the assertion that Marco Polo had “travelled more than any man since creation” and had provided “a vivid description of a fantastic world.” While I will not doubt not travel more than any man since creation during my lifetime, I can live up to the promise of providing a vivid description of a fantastic world. While our civilization’s self-awareness has grown, lessening the mysteries around us, there is still much to be awed by and to celebrate.

Almost nine centuries after Marco Polo wrote down his fantastic and sometimes questionable travel tips, here I am aspiring to walk in his footsteps.

To honor those footsteps, flying north: travel and politics in an age of dissonance has transformed itself into flyingnorth: navigating the twenty-first century world. I will chronicle my travels and expeditions and comment on what makes travel in the twenty-first century challenging. I will take a look at travel resources and attempt to stay up to date on new travel trends

As Marco Polo knew, there is a fantastic world out there. Even nine centuries have not changed that.