it’s always sunny in montréal


I woke up this morning in Montréal. Don’t ask me how I got here, must have been some kind of vortex that was activated by too many lattes [or in this case, by café au lait]. After having endured more rain in New York City over the past few months than the city has seen in quite a few years I just didn’t want to endure any more rain. Not that it is raining in New York this weekend, in fact it is sunny. However, I was supposed to head to Barbados, and the weather forecast there had it pouring every day. I thought I might be the cause of some kind of international incident should I be subjected to more rain. I don’t know how Seattle does it. Oh, I guess I should clarify, I meant another international incident. Truth be told I tried to get to Brussels this weekend, but the flight costs were sky high. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a government for almost a year. Instead, here I am in Montréal, a sister city to Brussels.

I do like how the customs agents in Canada look at you like you just said that you hate Celine Dion when you tell them you are just coming for the weekend to hang out, drink lattes and blog. The customs agent asked me the same question three times and I answered it three times [twice in English and once in French just to be sure]. I though perhaps she had learned British English and wasn’t accustomed to hearing English spoken properly.

In the times I have been to Montréal, there has never been a rainy day and it has been mostly sunny every day. Now, I know that is a bit of good fortune, as according to Climate Canada, Montréal is the second rainiest large Canadian city after Vancouver.

I think I will adopt Montréal as my second city. It is a quick plane ride from New York City [about an hour or so] and, like I’ve commented on in the past, serves as a bridge to North America’s European roots.

As the French saying goes “Mars venteux et avril pluvieux font mai gai et gracieux” [April showers..etc.]. I think they need a new one about October’s sun. Perhaps I will write it.