an unexpected aerial tour of nyc


On my early morning flight back from Montreal Trudeau to New York LaGuardia, I received two complimentary amenities: the first being a drink of water, and the second, a spectacular tour of New York City by air, both courtesy of American Airlines.  Toward the end of the one hour flight, we flew south down the Hudson and circled around downtown, with the new World Trade Center One construction in full view, then headed north over the East River to our eventual landing at LaGuardia.

The morning weather was perfect, and from my seat on the Embraer ERJ-135 aircraft [this has three seats across – one on the left and two on the right as you are facing the cockpit], I was fortunate enough to have been seated on the left side of the aircraft, the perfect location from which to view New York City.  In fact, it felt more like a view from a helicopter than from an aircraft.

It made me wonder, though, why only eight days after the tenth anniversary of September 11, airlines are permitted in the airspace above New York City, so close to all of the skyscrapers in midtown and downtown?

For those of you who have not yet visited New York City, this is quite a sight to see.