bulgaria top six lists


Once again continuing the time-honored tradition of the flyingnorthblog – my Bulgaria top six lists.

Top six Bulgaria disappointments.

1.  Everyone smokes. Everywhere.  It is like New York in the 1980s without Madonna eating out of the garbage.  I was in one café twenty minutes and thought I was going to hyperventilate.

2.  The weather is not as warm as Cyprus, but of course I can’t blame Bulgaria for that.  But I will.

3.  My airport detention upon my heralded arrival in Sofia did not make the evening news.

4.  Since it is called Sofia, I expected Sofia Petrillo from the Golden Girls to be its patron saint.  Thank you for being a friend, Bulgaria. 🙁

5.  Bulgaria is in the E.U. but not yet in the Schengen zone nor in the Euro zone.  That means off to the currency exchange!

6.  I did not stay long enough to explore the country outside of Sofia.  I will go back, as there are some incredible sights to be seen there.  And some incredible friends to see there too.

Top six Bulgaria plusses!

1.  The urinals in one of the large malls have pictures of women with magnifying glasses above them.

2.  I love how McDonalds looks spelled in Cyrillic.

3.  There are some fantastic coffee shops, and some very good espresso.  And all of them had free wifi, like a city should.  In fact free wifi was everywhere.  Take a lesson New York.

4.  The center of the city is quite spectacular, and the view from my window was of the National Assembly.

5.  The city is very walkable – one can see most all of the important buildings and museums by walking.  I like this very much.

6.  The people were very nice and a few were extremely accommodating. 😉